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postI am alone in my thoughts

For what I sought

Left me bereft

As if I was involved in a theft

Grace was shining

Yet I was running

From my Lord and King

He wanted me to sing

And dance in his glory

But my heart wanted things that were gory

Now I stand transfixed at the agony staring at me

Then I asked who is he?

Who can take away my sorrow

And give me joy for tomorrow

In the silence of my heart I heard

I am the good shepherd

Who takes you to the pasture of solace

And make you lie down in my holy palace

I will teach you my precepts

And leave your sorrows being swept

For my grace is made perfect in your weakness

So with all meekness

Fly to my direction

And I will give you my attention

Your peace will never fade

This is the joy I made

For those who love me

Come and dine with me.

And I will give you rest

Making you the very best

Jesus Christ is my name

And I am forever the same

Alas, my thoughts have found relief

This is my firm belief

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine

For in him I will always shine

I now rest knowing that He cares

I won’t be terrorized by the devil’s scares

In victory will I beam with smiles

For the love of my saviour is not at miles.

Leave it all behind, come running

Leave it all behind, come running…

Why worry when Love is so near.
When the Hope of the world is so clear.
When Jesus allays every fear.
Cast your cares on Him, He is ready to dry every tear.

So come running, leave it all behind.

Nonetheless, we still believe

Time and life flip like a book in an open storm. It goes every direction. Confusion and a whole lot.

Boisterous quiet, disrupting our hold. Mountains to climb. Oceans to cross. Valleys to scale. Chaotic silence, rummaging our thoughts.

Nonetheless, we still believe in your perfect plan. We lean on your constant grace.

If there is something to relate to, let it be Your love and not the storms we face.

Nothing is truer and reassuring.. than the whispers of hope You give. Selah.

Dear God, come through for Your children. It’s a wild world we live in. Selah.

So to You Lord I pray

Sometimes I feel lost in time, trying to work on my imperfections.
My strength always fails me when I attempt to fix the broken pieces.
The inhibitions are so strong, such that I am left with only second guesses.
Should I call it over? The anxiety, the worries and the frustrations.

So to You Lord I pray :
For sunshine in my moment of darkness.
For peace when all I see is turmoil.
For rain in this parched land of barrenness.
And for love when hurt and hate put me through life’s toil.

To love you more Jesus, is my heartbeat

To love You more Jesus, is my heartbeat. I want to love You, every new day that comes my way.

I am alive because You loved and love me. How powerful Your love is!! Love that keeps me going, when I am but desperate. Love that rejuvenates me, when I am but weary.

To Your Love, the pleasures of this world dare not compare. One may take chances, only to leave their heart broken, barren and bare.

Even so, with heartfelt prayer, in Your love are they drowned again. You don’t take chances, though we caused heartaches, You do not bargain.

When whispers of doubt start to make us wonder, we relish the taste of Your immortality and meditatively remember, “Nothing can separate us from Your love. Not angels, not failure or even anger”, …

Alas, we find rest in Your abode and with all said and done, the whispers disappear forever.

Guide me Lord

Guide me Lord; When my heart pursues empty dreams and I can’t seem to find my way.

Guide me Lord; When my strength oozes out and my perspective eclipsed by weakness.

Guide me Lord; When I am bruised by the blows of life and my hopes, shattered.

In the valley of confusion, with darkness all around me, Guide me Lord!

Calm the storms

Marooned on the island of despair.
Castaway! Abandoned!
I have travelled miles with the shackles of confusion.
Traded my joy for half a strength.
Stuck! This road seems like a mirage.
My weary heart seeks for rest.
Jesus, help me cling to you come what may.
To hear you calm the storms is all I ever wanted.

I pray for rain

My life seems like a mystery; one that the corridors of my mind cannot decipher.
Nearly ditched, strength failing, I find myself again in that mind wandering corner.

No doubt, the beauty of some days, are marred with bleakness.
Like a dead end, I stand confused and stranded in weariness.

But I will lift my voice to you Lord, even from the deepest oceans.
It’s a gruffly cry, I know, torn up by heightened emotions.

I pray for rain, Dear Lord, I pray for rain and a sign. I’m done living in this parched land of mine.

Though the world be filled with darkness and sorrow. Guide and comfort me every today and tomorrow.

This is grace, this is hope

There is grace flowing from the summit of calvary, rushing into the valleys of our failures.

Faithful is our God!

The one who loved us even in our sin, and retraced our steps right into His loving arms.

This is grace, This is hope.
Worthy is the Lamb of God.

My grace is still sufficient

Come with all the mistakes you have made
I am not that far
I am God and I am near
Come with all your shame and regret
I am not that far
I am God and I am I am here
Come with all the sins you can’t change
I am not that far
I am God and I am near
Come with your plans for the future
I am not that far
I am God and I am here

My Grace is still sufficient

Hold me

When the fear of the unknown scares me to death, hold me in the hands that formed the heavens.

When my heart yearns for love and comfort, embrace me by the hands that formed the heavens.

When my pathway is lonely and dry, guide me with the hands that formed the heavens.