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postI am alone in my thoughts

For what I sought

Left me bereft

As if I was involved in a theft

Grace was shining

Yet I was running

From my Lord and King

He wanted me to sing

And dance in his glory

But my heart wanted things that were gory

Now I stand transfixed at the agony staring at me

Then I asked who is he?

Who can take away my sorrow

And give me joy for tomorrow

In the silence of my heart I heard

I am the good shepherd

Who takes you to the pasture of solace

And make you lie down in my holy palace

I will teach you my precepts

And leave your sorrows being swept

For my grace is made perfect in your weakness

So with all meekness

Fly to my direction

And I will give you my attention

Your peace will never fade

This is the joy I made

For those who love me

Come and dine with me.

And I will give you rest

Making you the very best

Jesus Christ is my name

And I am forever the same

Alas, my thoughts have found relief

This is my firm belief

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine

For in him I will always shine

I now rest knowing that He cares

I won’t be terrorized by the devil’s scares

In victory will I beam with smiles

For the love of my saviour is not at miles.

The Lord has all power

The Lord delivers us from the oppressor. The Lord provides atonement for our Land.

The Lord holds His sword to our defence. The Lord takes vengeance on our behalf.

“For the beloved of the LORD shall dwell in safety by Him, who shelters him all the day long”

The Lord is a strong tower. The Lord has all power.


Rejoice, O you, in your going out…
For God is not a man that He should lie,
Nor the son of man that He should repent.

Rejoice, O you, in your coming in…
Has He said, and will He not do?
Has He spoken, and will He not make it good?

He has promised to bless and keep you,
To make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you

Rejoice, O you, in your going out.
Rejoice, O you, in your coming in.
His countenance is forever lifted up on you. His peace is eternally given to you.

Rejoice, and Again Rejoice.

There is hope

There is hope…
Hope for the dejected and the rejected.
There is hope…
Hope for the lonely, the lost and the weary.

There is hope for the sinner, the sick and the quitter.

There is hope, there is Jesus.
Hope is Jesus And Jesus is Hope.

Remember the days of old

Remember the days of old and praise…consider the years of many generations and be still;
He made a shepherd a king and a prisoner a prime minister.

Remember the days of old and praise…consider the years of many generations and be still;
How the barren birthed a nation and the forsaken was strengthened.

Remember the days of old and praise…consider the years of many generations and be still;
Sometimes parting seas, Other times walking on water.

Remember every year, every month, every day…consider even this here and now and today;
God, the miracle worker is still on the throne, working great wonders for you, for me and for all.

Get to know Him!!

He brought us out of bondage into His glorious light.
He leads us through the wilderness of life.
He shelters us from the fiery serpents and scorpions.
The God of wonders is His name.
Get to know Him!!

He springs out as a rushing water in our moments of thirst.
He gives rest to the weary soul.
He is the author of great and mighty deeds.
The God of wonders is His name.
Get to know Him.

Today He speaks to us; And like He said to Moses in the wilderness” You must not fear, for the LORD your God Himself fights for you”.
The God of wonders is His name.
Get to know Him!!

The Epiphany

The beauty of the stars captured her heart while looking at the icy snow from the balcony. Her resentment for life has kept her from seeing beauty in anything for a while. “How did I end up this way?”, she wondered. “Holding on to pent up feelings, ready to explode”

Her chances of giving up? High!! She needed a break? Of course!! But from what? The pain, the hurt, the terror, the nightmares, the…

She closed her eyes and boom!, the epiphany. Remembered being told of a Man who literally died for her; A Man who sees her flaws but with love beckons her to come. With tears in her eyes, she whispered, “Lord, I need you”. And suddenly, like magic, an unimaginable peace enveloped her.

This Man JESUS speaks even now. Don’t second guess. He is calling out to you today…waiting with arms wide open. The Epiphany is still on. Close your eyes and just connect.

Dare to Believe again

If the wind had a message in his mouth then I guess he would be singing songs of *HOPE* in the face of storms and mountains but then, the antennas in our atmosphere of believing are sometimes tight up with no signals. He would boldly declare, “my message is one of elevation and light, cling to it and see life” but our response has always been ” let’s be realistic” as we chide in agony and frustration.
Sometimes, we feel this way when the tides are raging high and hope seems bleak, but if it is sweetness and goodness that we want, then God has more than enough. The assurance of this truth should not belie your confidence but rather strengthen you in the Lord when strength is failing because all perfect things happen on His timetable which in essence is worth waiting. Consider Abraham and Sarah who defied the course of nature and gave birth in their old age. God gives strength in our weakness and hope in our darkest nights. Come alive with hope, faith, love and joy in the Lord.

Dare to *BELIEVE* again

Ascribe Glory to Him

Ascribe glory to Him;
His strength is in the clouds, He rides on the heaven of heavens.

Ascribe glory to Him;
He divides the sea, He wounds the head of His enemies.

Ascribe glory to Him;
He speaks with the voice of rushing waters, He dwells in an unapproachable light.

He is God!!!
The consuming fire.‼️

Blow His Trumpet In Worship

God is God. Blow His trumpet in Worship.

Call the nations together to prostrate… Governors and rulers shouting His Praise.
Even if the horses come up like bristling locusts, He terrifies men of war with His roar, that of waves of great waters.
He burns the high gates of our fears, scatters the armies of the strong.
He delivers the righteous from afflictions and He heals our diseases with His Word.

He is God. Blow His trumpet in worship.

Lion Of Judah

Open your doors, you who sits in apprehension,
That the Lord of peace may enter…
Praise! for your worries are gone.
Praise! for your King is here.
Praise! for the thicket of your nightmares has come down.
There is a clatter of peace on the streets; your warfare is over.
There is a sound of a roaring Lion.
The Lion of Judah has arrived.
Welcome Him into your heart.
His name is Jesus.